Welcome To Wote Sacco

Wote Sacco was started in the year 2014 and is a registered Sacco under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives. The Sacco membership is open to ALL both in business and employment.

Wote Sacco partners with other organizations in business to empower our members through Economic Empowerment Programs. These programs have made the SACCO to grow rapidly sometimes registering over one thousand members per month.... Read More>>

Savings and Loans


We have various savings and loan products that include Personal Savings Account, Investment Saving Account, Car Fund Savings Account, Education Fund Account, Holiday Savings Account, Fixed Deposit Account. Loan products include Development loan, Biashara loan ,Emergency loan, Elimu loan, Assert financing .... Read More>>



Wote Sacco empowers members investments via Land: in different parts of the country, Housing: owning homes,hostels and hotel rooms at a lower price than normal market price, Shares:  Income through Trade in Nairobi Securities Exchange , Money Market: Forex Trade and fixed Deposits.... Read More>>

Hisa Distribution System


HISA is a Kiswahili name meaning SHARES. This is a DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM or a virtual supermarket that allow WOTE SACCO members to buy products or services from suppliers at a discounted price while  generating profit which is shared by members on monthly basis in form of cash and other HISA benefits..... Read More>>